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    Charley Schelhouse
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    Do y’all typically buy lots without legal access? I’m looking at a couple lots that from Google Earth you can clearly see that they have physical access through dirt roads that are well traveled but there is not an easement recorded in the plat maps or in the deeds. Would y’all pass on these, buy them and market them as”no legal access”, or option them?

    I’ve been researching this all night and I haven’t found anybody that said definitely do not buy it. The general consensus seems to be but it cheap and sell it cheap. Do y’all agree?

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  • Luke Harris
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    I send out offers at about 20 percent of the cheapest comp I can find anywhere, I have a contingency in my contract I send out saying the offer is contingent on the property having legal access, if I verify that the property does not have legal access then I offer 20 to 50 percent of my original offer and more than half of the people accept it, I then can sell it at what my original offer was, which is WAY below the nearest comp.

    Michael Aillon
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    I typically pass on these. However, if it is a large acreage parcel, then ask a title company to research easements of record.

    Option works too.

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