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    Hey investor-verse, I have what I think is a dumb newbie question.

    I received an email back from my first mailer. It had the message below and a signed PA. It isn’t a large property so I wasn’t really planning on going through title to close on the buy side. What do you interpret this as meaning? It’s already a quick claim deed and they want to use title? Thanks in advance!

    Hi Justin,

    We have more land for sale. Let us know if you’re interested. Please e mail all of us back. We use (title company here) for quick claim deeds.


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    Justin – You are on your way in this business. You got the mail out and now you are getting accepted offers.

    First – It is called a Quit Claim Deed. Normally used to transfer property within the family or within a trust, etc. Not the right thing to do an arms length (non family) transfer of property.

    Second – Don’t assume that the seller knows what they are talking about. You can suggest that you will prepare the deed and handle getting it recorded at the county. Prepare the deed, get a notary to take it to them for signature and to deliver the check. Done.

    Third – Who is All of us? If there are multiple owners, be careful that you are getting all of them to sign the new deed properly.


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