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    Jacob Worth
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    Why wouldn’t the land owners just put their property up for sale themselves, instead of us contacting them about it first?

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    You are looking for the situation where they have it, don’t want it, and your letter arrives. Bingo! Problem solved.

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    John Pitkin
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    I think it’s just a matter of convenience. The owner doesn’t care enough to do the work required to sell it.

    Jake Robinson
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    They most likely haven’t even thought about selling until your letter arrives out of the blue…the look and ponder and decide, “Hey, this is something I want to do… I can use that money to do…..”

    You are long-tail marketing – the “Law of Large Numbers” + “The Law of Averages”

    The law of avgs says that you offer this to enough owners (say 100) and 1% or 5% will respond So law of averages says you’ll sell 1 or maybe 5 people out of 100 – BUT WAIT!

    If you JUST mail 100, you most likely will not get ANY results… because your sample is so small… just because the law of averages says it will be 1% or 3% etc does not mean you will see the distribution of this result in the first 100 letters… Murphy’s Law says the the 101st letter will be the very first guy/gal who is ready to sell, and maybe you’ll get 3 or 4 in the next 5o letters and then nothing until number 276th letter.

    This is where the Law of Large Numbers comes to the rescue! By getting out 1,000, 2,000+ letters you give the law of averages enough space for the numbers to work themselves out and get the % results you expect.

    Marry the two – Law of Avgs (1 to 5% response) with the Law of Large Numbers – 1500 letters sent to get a solid response and force the laws of nature to yield to your great marketing approach…IMO ;>)

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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