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    I am new to Land Academy. I’ve been watching videos, reading, and learning for the past month or so. I decided to take action. So, I bought a list from a county assessor, pulled the names and addresses from it, created a mail file, merged it, took it to a printer, then stuffed, stamped, then sent a couple of hundred letters!

    I’ve targeted an area near where I live and I’ve had some responses. I didn’t send a blind offer. Here are the responses I got from what Steven would consider

      too small of a mailing


    1. One person told me I was bold and a heartless scammer (via email)

    2. Another asked for an offer. When I sent it they Replied with “Not Interested”

    3. Another said he was going to list with an agent at just under market value (I told him I wasn’t interested)

    4. Another asked for an offer. I sent one based on the average market value for my area divided by 4. (No response, so I assume not interested)

    4. Another lives out of the area but would like to sell his property (Putting an offer together on this one as I write this)

    I am afraid that my offers are too low and that I am possibly offending (Chasing, Scaring away, etc) potential sellers.

    Is this normal in the beginning? or is there an obvious tweak I need to make for better responses?
    How do you get past worrying that I look like a low baller fishing for a deal?
    It is very tempting to offer more – but I know I shouldn’t?
    Any advice helps

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    RBrown – congrats on getting started! You did everything the hard way.

    1. Getting a data list directly from the county = Hard
    The easy way is to download data in a std format from RealQuestPro or Data Tree.
    2. Printed, stuffed and stamped your letters = Hard
    The easy way is to use Offers2Owners or other mail service. They merge, print, stuff, and mail for $0.55 per letter
    3. No offers on the letters = Hard
    The easy way is to send out cash offers and get people to call who want to accept that offer.
    4. Small number of offers = Hard
    Send out at least 1000 offers to get a decent response and a few deals. It will almost be a miracle if you get one good deal from 200 offers.

    Is this normal in the beginning? or is there an obvious tweak I need to make for better responses?
    Send out a lot more offers with 25% cash offers to purchase land.
    How do you get past worrying that I look like a low baller fishing for a deal?
    Stop worrying about it.
    It is very tempting to offer more – but I know I shouldn’t?
    Stay at 25% offers unless you are going for high value properties or extremely hot markets with competition from other investors.
    Any advice helps
    Again, congrats for jumping in like this! Most people would not attempt it. You would do much better if you joined Land Academy to get a lot more details on doing this business. Your first 2 deals would pay back the cost of membership and training that comes with it.

    If you still insist on doing this “on your own” then I suggest listening to all the podcasts to try to absorb some more details. You can do it but it will be a slow road with lots of lessons to learn along the way. Keep coming back to this forum for more help. Good luck.

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    Matthew McIntear
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    RBrown I’m so curious to know how it went for you. Did you post a testimony? I will see it if you did but I’m just now seeing your post and you were facing some real concerns that were more internally than anything. And it could be for a few reasons.

    1.) You don’t trust your true research you did that calculated the offer price?
    2.) You don’t trust that you know enough about each situation to make a fair price because of the personal scenarios each home would have in each county or zip code.
    3.) You don’t trust you to find an estimated valued just as good as another man or woman or computer like the assessors?

    I’m not sure but I do recognize the voice around your questioning and it’s concern that stemmed from fear and doubt. Neither one that God gave us. So when we have to get to the bottom of it before servicing people very clearly. The people are very much capable of understanding money and value like you are. They will tell you what will and will not work for them. An offer that’s based on data is just an offer based on data. It is not a low ball offer unless you are willing to pay whatever price people say which a lot will pick any number that could sustain them for the next 5 year’s if that was the case. No it’s not about that.

    We have to change out minds and not transfer our limiting beliefs on to others as if they believe the same. Who is to say that your data driven offer is a low ball? Compared to what? Another assessors outdated data driven offer? If the seller says yes to a property that’s been paid for so many times over and will be again are you going to walk away saying that was a low ball? That is a weight I rather not carry because it’s not even about your offer it’s about what you and the seller agrees on. Your offer is simply the first invitation introduction of you saying hi I’m a buyer are you interested in being a seller.

    We can’t take any of this with us so don’t deprive yourself or sellers getting help from you because guest what if they are sellers and your limiting beliefs makes you slow down in a world that teaching crooked advertising ways to really go in and low ball and harrass that’s not doing the seller any favors either when you could have helped.

    Its a good thing you want to be honest. Keep that but renew your mind to being open and fearless with no scarcity because it’s plenty of everything including people to help to go around.

    Go do your best and meet people. And I’m totally talking to myself as well. This is an exciting time to meet people.

    Any help I am here.

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