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    Quinn Roberts
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    Hi, Everyone!

    I’m Quinn, a sophomore in college. I’ve always been extremely interested in real estate, but never considered the possibility of selling land! I’m from Scranton, PA. I don’t mind traveling, actually I just drove back from a small trip to Michigan. I’m a musician, photographer, stock investor, and adrenaline junkie. I’m not entirely sure where to start with this, so any direction would be appreciated!



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  • Neil H
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    Hi Quinn. Honestly, I would recommend starting with podcasts. Not only should you listen to the Land Academy Show and Casual Fridays REI to learn about land flipping, but be sure to listen to BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing, BiggerPockets Money, and ChooseFI for general investing and life-hacking advice. I would also suggest reading ‘The Simple Path to Wealth’ by JL Collins and ‘Set for Life’ by Scott Trench.

    Good luck!

    Jill DeWit
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    Hi Quinn, I would add to spend a ton of time in this online community. As you can see, it’s packed with tons of information & scenarios for you to watch & learn until you are ready to dive in.

    Glad you are here!


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    Welcome Quinn! I am new to the membership, but I feel like listening to the Land Academy podcasts for the past year or so really got me spun up and thinking about things with the right mindset.

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