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    Brandon Chin
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    こんにちは ~

    Virtual wholesaling infill lots from Japan!

    Hi, I’m Brandon Chin. And I was born in Florida. Lived in Jacksonville, Orlando and Melbourne.

    My LLC is based in Melbourne…but I’m in Japan. That’s a long story, but real quick – I chose to permanently live here because I’m mentally, culturally and spiritually challenged every day. I’m based in Fukuoka on the southern island, Kyushu. If you’ve been to Japan or plan to come, let me know.

    My main thing is writing novels. But to sell more books, I need an advertising budget. Hence, wholesaling. And to build some long term wealth.

    I currently have my first infill lot under contract in Central Florida. Looking for cash buyers now. Luckily the title company does remote video closing! Hope to close in a week or two.

    I’ve checked out some of the Land Academy podcasts through Youtube, as well as REtipster, Brent Daniel’s TTP and Rural Vacant Land. Ready to soak up all this land juice during social (physical) distancing!


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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Hello Brandon – Welcome to the Landinvestors forum. We will do our best to answer your questions. Good luck with your land business.

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    DJ OKO
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    Brandon Chin Hi

    I am Canadian based Virtual assistant who would like to assist you with: mailers, doing online research as leads come in collecting info, screenshots, running comps from Zillow and landwatch, posting ads, making calls to the county to get additional property details, and taking calls from interested buyers calling on ads. I am Canada based (Ottawa) which is EST but stay assured I could have US number and phone without problem to the USA and provide you assistance. Mobile: 613-668-3063 ( available for ZOOM/Skype/Bluejeans communication)

    I am Canada (Ottawa - EST) based Virtual assistant/Web-developer mobile: 613-668-3063

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