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    Amish Menon
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    Hey everyone! It’s good to be here. I am pretty new to real estate investing, but I am ready to get my feet wet. I graduated from college just about 4 years ago, so I am still working to build up a bank account. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to invest in a rental property a couple years ago, and that has given me the urge to try my hand at flipping land. I figure it would be more affordable and less risky for me. A couple things about me: I am a very process-oriented thinker and I learn best by doing. I’ve been doing a lot of research in this space, but since some things are not “cut and dry”, it is challenging for me to come up with a good process without having flipped my first piece of land yet.

    My questions for anyone are – when you bought and sold your first piece of land, what research had you done to prepare? What sort of things went wrong? What challenges did you face in the beginning and how did you resolve them?

    Sorry for the long post. Thanks!

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Amish – Welcome to the land investor community here on this forum. We will try to answer any questions that you have.

    Before buying my first piece of land I went through the LA Training twice and then followed it to the letter. You need some money ($5K to $10K), a phone number, a computer, and a website. Some people start out with some or none of these things and still get the job done. Good luck in the land business.


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