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    Hi team!

    My name is Patrick and at 28 y/o I’m fresh into the real estate world. Born and raised in the Point Pleasant area of NJ, I initially started researching rentals and rehab and found this community through Instagram. Currently working full time in solar sales, right now researching opportunities in the industry.

    Initially was under the impression that people were starting this venture with between $1k-$5k to start, but from what it seems a more realistic expectation would be $10-$15k. Any input here?

    Excited to learn and grow with LandAcademy!

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  • Shawn Swisher
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    Patrick, I agree $10k-$15k is more realistic. You need some startup funds to cover the cost of the program, purchase your data and send out your first mailers. Plus, you need funds to purchase your first group of properties. I think it would be difficult to start with less. Not impossible, but much more difficult. If you don’t have the funds yet, I would keep saving until you had $10k or more. Another option would be to find a partner or a rich uncle!

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    Kevin Farrell
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    Patrick – I agree with Shawn – $10K is a good number to start with.

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