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    Chris C
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    Cashed out on my first sale yesterday!

    The property was a .25 acre lot in New Mexico that came with the Land Academy package.

    First, I put up a 30 day auction on eBay. $1 reserve, $399 document fee. The auction winner ended up being a bogus buyer account. eBay was kind enough to reimburse my $50 listing fee.

    Second time around I listed the property for a 30 day fixed price, just to try a different approach. I priced below the lowest comp on popular land sites. The property sold on the 29th day, and had a handful of watchers. Received payment, all cash in hand, yesterday.

    I was super super happy to complete this sale and break through the threshold of completing that first deal. I was at a real estate seminar last weekend, and the instructor told us “The longer you go without doing your first deal, the closer you get to never doing one.” Having finished this first one, I feel even more confidence and excitement to keep investing and playing with different tweaks and adjustments.

    When I first found Land Academy, I thought it was amazing. Steve and Jill are professional at what they do AND are always having a blast. I love that! Working hard AND playing hard! The Land Academy package is incredible. Hell, people are even making money off their free e-book! But I must say that in my opinion, the evolution of the podcast and Success Plant has taken this whole experience as a student to even higher levels. This education model Steve and Jill are using is fabulous. The podcasts help me grow and deepen belief that it is possible for me to succeed at this. Hearing Steve and Jill talk about their own real-life experiences, talk with other Land Academy students, talk with other RE investors, and talk about other people’s successes has become part of my regular routine. It is inspiring, and sparks new ideas. And the Success Plant members are so so helpful and caring. The Success Plant community is one of my favorite things about Land Academy. The help and exchange of information is priceless!

    Thank you all for your help and your dedication to all of us winning in our real estate ambitions! And thank you thank you Steve and Jill for creating Land Academy and Success Plant for all of us!

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  • Luke Smith
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    Sweet! Congrats on the first sale.

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    What was your fixed price on ebay?

    Chris C
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