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    Aroldo Villarreal
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    I haven’t purchased land Academy yet but I am coming from the buying house-buying world. My question is, do you mail more than one time to the recipients of your offers? Or do you just mail them once and forget about them? I ask this because in the house world, many people say that you need to “touch” a person 7 times before they do business with you. So some people send at least seven postcards or letters to get a reply. What are your thoughts on this? It would be weird to send several offers with different numbers.

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Aroldo – we usually only mail them an offer one time.

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    John Pitkin
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    I mail productive areas about once a year, filtering out all the junk that I encountered from previous mailings to that area. Junk = undesirable properties, undesirable pockets of land in a county, difficult owners, owners who requested removal from my list, etc.

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