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    Jeff Hill
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    Don’t mean to be annoying but I’m new and I neeed answers
    Do back taxes exist in Florida?
    What exactly is the work I have to put in when getting a property list from the county?(I’m willing to do but idk what to do)
    How to check the back tax list with the tax roll, and what is a duplicator?
    Whats the difference between coreloby if and listsource?


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  • Jeff Hill
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    Jill DeWit
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    Hi Jeff!

    Welcome! Success Plant is an online forum for Land Academy members to share tips, answer questions, and brag about their successes as they grow their real estate business. It is a public site so everyone can get a glimpse at what our program is about.

    Please take a look at the main site: Love to have you as part of the community. All the answers and more can be found in our program.
    Program Information

    Thanks! Jill

    Jacqueline Omollo
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    I found out the hard way for your tax questions call or email the county your planning to work in FL. Each state is different as well as the counties within that state. I found that most of the time they are happy to help you.

    To get the list I started out with a site called for $18 a month. Although, corelogic is the best I don’t have right now but I will change use their service once I do.

    Jeff Hill
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    Thanks jill & Jacqueline

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