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    Jason Polley
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    Hi all,

    I got to planning my next set of mailings and got to wondering if there are certain types of properties that tend to be more “terms type” properties and ones that tend to be more “cash type” properties when sold.

    I currently have 5 parcels in my inventory and all inquiries have been on my terms offerings (even with a significant cash discount). Each of my parcels are all less than 5 acres and in rural residential areas. In everyone’s experience, is there any rhyme or reason to allow us to reasonably predict if it will sell for cash or terms?

    I’d like a fairly even split of cash and terms deals, at least early on in my land career.



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  • Luke Smith
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    Try a bigger discount. I am trying 20% and thinking 50% might be more appropriate as I could use the cash on new deals instead. There should be a number that splits them 50/50 if you play with it.

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