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    Luke Smith
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    When researching splitting land I called a county that looked like a high probability. Turns out the 10 acres I used as a hypothetical property to split is zoned for a minimum of 36 acres. No policing of lot splits in that county. Who ever owns it can’t build on it without a zoning change or buying up the neighbors either.

    Maybe I should be checking for those kinds of problems when buying land?

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  • Mike Marshall
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    If the 10 acre parcel was legally created via a legal subdivision or other legal means then the 10 acre parcel may be legal non-conforming or “grandfathered”. Most often if the lot was legally created the local jurisdiction would be required to allow for the construction of a single family home assuming it is zoned residential of course. Doing title research to find out when and how the parcel was created will give insight. Another suggestion is to do a public records request for all information available on the lot. You would do that through the City or County Clerk’s office. Hope that helps.

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