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    Dustin Rudolph
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    Hi Steve and Jill. Love the show and all you are doing for people.

    I’ve had mapping issues come up multiple times with rural vacant land. I get an interested seller but when I pull up the APN on ParcelFact it can’t find the property. I try using the county GIS mapping website online and nothing. I call the county appraisal district who is responsible for mapping and they tell me I have to have a survey done. When I pull up the TitlePro24/7 report and map there is longitude and latitude that points to a parcel of land that I’m not sure if it’s the actual parcel. The parcel it points to on TitlePro24/7 is usually on a different road or area than the situs address. I don’t really want to spend $1,000 or more for a survey just to see if I want to buy the property. Any suggestions? By the way, I’ve called the county on this particular property to make sure it was a warranty deed conveyance and there are no back taxes. Just missing mapping information.


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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Some counties are have very poor data. What state and county are you working in? (Sounds like west TX). I agree, you absolutely do not want to spend any money on a survey. If you can get to the right person at the county they will have a plat map that is referenced by Page # and Book # on the deed. If they can get you an image of the plat map and a GPS coord for center of lot, you can overlay that plat map on Google Earth to show you exactly where the parcel is.

    I had to do this for every lot that I bought in Socorro NM. And I bought a ton of them. It was tedious and I had to mail checks to the county for copies of deeds. It took me a while to figure it out. After I learned who to talk to it was slow but it worked.

    Good luck.

    Dustin Rudolph
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    Thanks Kevin. It is east Texas. It does sound a little tedious but may be worth it. I’ll have to try and get someone else at the county office to help out on this one. Thanks again for your help. That NM deal sounds like a great learning lesson for all of us doing this.

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