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    Bob Gaffney
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    Just joined the group and have already received a ton of value. I’m looking to get my first mailer going and I was wondering what type of follow-up schedule to set up. In other words, if I mail an area this month, when should I send mail to that area again? I’m trying to decide how many areas I should get going and what type of rotation to set up. Thanks for any advice/input you can provide

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Hi Bob – Glad you could join us. The LA training and most of us here don’t do scheduled follow up emails with repeated offers. Mail, buy, sell, move on. That doesn’t mean that the county is used up by one mailer. I would go back to a county that did well in the past and hit it again and probably get the same results. Or keep hitting every 3 months and probably get OK results. That hasn’t been the focus at Land Academy. Different folks do different things and get good results.

    What you absolutely need to do is SEND MAIL. Get that going and figure out the rest later.


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