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    Hey Guys: posted this in chapter 5 forum as well, but then saw this, so forgive the duplication:

    After reviewing chapter 5, it appears that from the click2mail options shown on DVD that we will be sending out our letters in a #10 2 window envelope. Our address in upper left, addressee below that. Also think I saw standard mail vs. first class.

    Is this the correct/successful way to do this? Anything I am missing? Reason I ask is that from reading on bigger pockets, etc. that it seems like people are trying to make mail ‘look personal’ with handwritten fonts, physical stamps. etc.

    Want to do what has worked at landstay/landacademy, so can you confirm this for me? Have a list ready to mail and want to get maximum response!


    ATTN: @stevenbutala

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    S. Jack Butala
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    @mdugan @jilldewit

    Thanks for reaching out, Mike. This is a great question. The mailers we have sent out that have generated years of positive response are in a number 10 blank white envelope with the recipient address in either a window or typed right on the letter.

    Like this: Like This

    The following has not worked as well for us:

    Yellow Letters
    Letters with address Stickers / Labels
    Letters with personal notes on the front like “Offer to buy your land!”

    Land Owners see right through this attempt to be personal.

    Send them a professional cover letter with a version of the offer included in the DVD Education Program.

    Make sure you include a signature block with your signature.

    Please let me know if you need any additional help. Thanks, SB…

    Kevin Rhatigan
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    Hi Steve,

    I have an LLC that is a different name than my domain name. I notice that you seem to just use the domain name in the cover letter and Offer to Purchase. Is that the preferred way to do it?

    When you prepare the deed I assume you always take title in the name of one of your LLCs, right?

    Jill DeWit
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    Yes, we operate the same. LandStay is the company but title is taken in name of one of our LLCs.

    **However you can take title any way you wish. As a sole individual as you are getting started is completely acceptable.

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