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    Hi all new guy here. now have a list of 5 acer vacant properties in a county in CA. I scubed it and removed duplicates, land owned by the US government and the state of CA and also city owned properties as well as land conservatory groups (there was a lot). The list went down from 1200 to about 800. I now have the ability to cut and paste the raw APNs into the county web GIS map. They show up as little squares all over the county map. That gives an idea of where the properties are and the concentration. Now that I know the approximate location does it make sense to send out a mailer with customized pricing based on area/city or just do it by county? Am I creating too much work for myself?

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    That is one school of thought and what I try to do when I think it matters. That being said, I wouldn’t work to hard at it. Other’s just pick an average per acre that they are willing to pay and that’s it. I suppose you could think of it like renting a nice resort room. Those rooms with an ocean view cost more. Those by the ice machine with a view of the dumpsters cost less.

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    I’ve always customized the pricing by subdivision or nearest town. Within those areas, I further customize the pricing by attributes (when known — some counties provide the date) — e.g., utilities at the property line, tree coverage, physical access, etc. It can make you cross-eyed at times, but it may be time well spent in the end.

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