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    I would think this comes up often but it’s my first time so I’d love any advice.

    I’m looking at a property in Oregon where the woman has a different name now. I asked the folks at the county and they had no idea.

    It was suggested I hire a paralegal or title company but there isn’t enough meat on the boat to justify the expense and I figure learning the right way to do this would be worth it since I’m bound to run into this again.

    Any suggestions, or advice on how to proceed or where to get the answer?

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    Use current name

    Under grantors name description use – Jane Black (previously/maiden name – Jane White)

    That should work.

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    I ment grantors description signature line

    Grantor on deed – always the same as grantee on vesting deed.

    Allan Baker
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    This may be over kill, but what i did in this situation was file a notarized “Name Affidavit” along with the new deed.

    it reads like this

    Name Affidavit
    Personally came and appeared before me, the undersigned authority in and for the jurisdiction aforesaid, the undersigned, Jane Doe, who, after being duly sworn on oath, states that he/she is one and the same person as identified as ( then copy the grantee information off of the vesting deed in my case it read like this) jane Whatevername, “A single Personn in that certain Corporation Grant, Bargain, Sale Deed recorded in the Office of the xxxx County Recorder City State, under file Number 102522 Book 240 Page 555”

    if you search name affidavit on any of the legal document sites rocket lawyer or us legal forms you will find what you need

    i did it this way after looking at filed documents on other properties on the county website and figured i would follow what appeared to be the norm in that county.

    the down side to this way is you will have to pay two filing fees.
    but if the county kicks it back you will have to pay two filing fees anyway
    This is how I dealt with it but i still consider myself a newbi and tend to over kill things till i learn what i can get away with.
    I hope all that made since
    I like Milans idea though.

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