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    @Luke Smith

    I see you mentioned you purchased a lot. Can you give us the details? Congrats in advance!

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  • Josh George
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    @Luke Smith
    Are you still having good response for finding photographers on Craigslist? On average, how quickly of a response are you getting?

    I’m attempting this for the first time to get pictures of the property that I got with the program and I really don’t want to start marketing the property without quality photos.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Luke Smith
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    I’m still using the same guy. He will drive. Want to have him hit a couple at a time. This time I will copy Mike Dugan and have him Mark the property. I am really sick of callers saying I think I am standing on your property and want it but am not sure I am in the right place.

    Jenna B
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    Hi Luke,

    Curious what mailer company you use now?

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