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    Does anyone have any tips to for pricing large counties? I’m working on San Bernardino which has around 90 zip codes, so I visually broke the county into sections.

    From there, I put zip codes into a spreadsheet and entered in comps from Zillow, looking at how long they’ve been listed, the number of views, saves, along with price, acreage, and if they’re listed by agents or investors. I’m sticking to a certain acre range.

    Now I’m checking Realtor and Landwatch for other listings in the same zip codes, taking similar notes, and my brain hurts.

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    Marcus – your brain should hurt. You are doing it correctly. No shortcuts when you take on a county like that.

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    John Pitkin
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    Marcus, A remote assistant could collect this data for you by zip code, if you can give them a well-defined process to follow.

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