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    I’ve got a group of properties under contract with a seller which includes a commercial property. The purchase price is more than what I have in my acquisition fund right now but I don’t want this deal to go to waste to I’m looking for a funding partner for the deal. Already tried land academy deal funding but they said it did’t meet their criteria. I’m not a member so landtank is not an option for me. Purchase price is 20k and there is a similar commercial parcel currently listed for 250k

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    Hi Joe. Sounds interesting. I have some questions:

    1) Are you looking for partial funding or whole funding?
    2) I assume you’re offering 50/50 split (with full funding) since this is what Land Academy does?
    3) What parts of Land Academy criteria did this property/deal not meet? What was the specific reason they turned it down? What kind of feedback did they give you?
    4) IF you’re ready, I’ll need parcel # and county to evaluate the deal. Don’t worry…I’m not a deal thief and won’t mess with your deal (be careful cause that can be an issue with investors – happened to me once – not through Land Academy but with a house one time.).

    I have capital to deploy and have done about 20 land deals myself. But I’ve been a bit busy lately and I’m questioning if I should deal fund or just send more mail. I’ll fund the right deal in a heartbeat though. Let me know.

    Thanks Joe,


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    I am interested too. Same questions as Blake. You can post or email me at


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