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    Katrina M.
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    Should I use a local number (local to me) or a toll-free 800 type number in my offer to owners? (The costs will be the same for me through Vumber) Are there pros and cons to either type of number as it relates to a possible decline in response rate or professionalism? What are you guys using?

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    I would just go with local number. I don’t think it matters much either way. People seem to understand that they don’t have to pay extra for long distance anymore. I don’t think there is any drop off in calls but I haven’t tested it both ways.


    Matt Peterson
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    I think a local number makes you seem more like an individual and less like a corporation. A number of folks I have bought from comment how they were on the edge of selling or not selling and after they saw my website and realized I’m a “normal guy” they sold to me. It also helps to have a cheeky website name like M@ Lands (www.mattlands.org), sellers have told me they LOL’d when they finally realized that M@ = Matt…

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