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    I’m not looking for legal advice here, but I’d like to know if those of you with LLC’s have registered them in every state that you are buying and selling land in. It would seem that if you have a Nevada LLC, but buy land in New Mexico, that NM might want your LLC to be registered there. What if you sell that land to someone in CA, does your LLC then have to be registered in CA? And, the can of worms gets deeper, do you need to have a tax id number for each state and a biz license for all cities/counties that land is purchased and sold in? Seems like all that would be overwhelming. Just sayin. Any input/direction is much appreciated.

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    Tax ID’s are federal.

    I was wondering about that too. Found this website.

    Click Here

    It is California’s guidelines on the subject. Each state or area might be different.

    Do your own homework and or hire someone who knows what they are talking about. There is always some risk in business.

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