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    Palani Wright
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    Hi Everyone,

    So I have done a few mailers 20-30ish with good results. A few home runs & a couple base hits which is great…though I don’t think I’m using my time efficiently as I should.

    Here’s my process, once I pick a county I first search out how many properties are in that particular county of the size I’m looking for. (Let’s say 1-5 acres) I than download lists that with all the normal criteria but I’ll put the land value at $10-$12K and download that list, I’ll than proceed to do it for $12-$14k etc..I do it this way so when I make the offers the values of the land are all about the same. So far doing it this way get’s me small lists (couple hundred) that takes me hours to scrape & price out. I here other people pulling 20,30,40k lists a month. I need to get more efficient at this & would like to know what other people are doing so I can streamline & fine tune my process. Any sugesstions, tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you everyone
    Land Academy ROCKS!!!

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  • John Pitkin
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    I download the entire price range in one file. I can then sort the data to break it up into groups of similar price.

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