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  • Milan
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    I recently saw Kyria drastically lowering her prices in Arkansas market where also Luke invested a lot.

    Would you guys think that buying so much low cost properties and flooding the market with them kind of ruined it for both of you?

    Can you guys share the experience with this?

    Thank you!

    Luke Smith
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    Think AR is a process state. Not much $ margin in there but nice % if you can automate it.

    It’s hard to figure all the fees in. Lots of mystery bills come up. I find it best to buy then wait for the bills then price accordingly.

    Just looking at a new package of bills last night from them. Receipts too on taxes paid. They want me to do cashier’s checks for back taxes and regular checks for current taxes. Not the same check. Then different checks for different properties. This keeps my banker busy.

    Kyria Baker
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    Hi, @milan. I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner!

    Arkansas has been really good to us. We’ve sold a lot of property there for a good profit margin. I reduced 3 properties that had some hefty tax bills come in. I may pay the taxes and raise the prices back up, one at a time.

    And I reduced 3 in Holiday Island that are in an HOA. They were some of the first we purchased, before we really knew what we were doing. We may just let those go back. Otherwise, Arkansas is still treating us well!

    The people who see my properties are on Facebook and Craigslist mostly. They don’t know about Landpin, so it doesn’t look flooded to them.

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    Thanks Kyria. Keep them catching! There is always next one comming.

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