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    Rick Giuly
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    I have a seller willing to take $7500 for 10AC with full tree cover in Klamath County, Oregon. Need some advice on whether this is deal worthy.

    Here’s an image

    The simple algorithm of taking a price from the market and dividing by 4 doesn’t really work because prices are all over the board. Looks like there’s hope of having a deal here, but not sure.

    Looking on landwatch, out of just the properties with trees in the county:
    8.5K this one has a note “Designated forest land, so zoning may have building or logging limitations”


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  • Luke Smith
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    I would call the county and ask about the zoning. Just price doesn’t do it for me anymore. Some are useless and others make total sense. What does a phone call cost you? I learn more every time calling those kinds of people. Ask them if you can sell part of it to someone too. If so how much and what is the process. That means a lot to the value too.

    Is there access? Views? Drive distance from town or parks or whatever attractions are in the area? That effects the prices a bunch too.

    Rick Giuly
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    Hi Luke, well here’s the info I have:

    Use Code: Residential-Vacant Land

    In terms of view, probably pretty dang good considering it’s in a huge forest.

    It’s a few miles southwest of Bear Valley Wild Life Refuge and Hamaker Mountain, just above the California border.

    Access is tricky – a dirt road to get close and then you have to walk the last 2500ft across the California border into Oregon to get there.

    20 minute drive to the town of Dorris, CA.

    Would that be enough info to make a decision?

    And yeah I’ll see if I can call the county tomorrow to get any extra information.


    Luke Harris
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    I buy in Klamath County all the time, I am closing on one this week that is very similar to that and I’m paying $1500 for it.

    I divide the CHEAPEST comp by four, and I’m actually starting to offer even less than that cause properties aren’t selling as fast as I would like.

    I’ve been selling properties just like that for $5000 and they’ve been taking several months too sell.

    not trying to talk you out of it, but those are the facts.

    Rick Giuly
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    Yeah I offered a lower price and she wanted $7500, so just wanted to check if that is reasonable. Sounds like this one’s not going to work at that price. Bummer. Not getting much out of my Oregon mailer so far other than “haight” and counter offers.. perhaps something will turn up.

    Thanks all for the feedback!

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