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    Tim Watts
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    Probably a silly question, but appreciate your help. Trying to record a deed in Kern County California. I’ve tried calling the county and can’t get through… no replies either. I am trying to mail in a deed for recording, and can’t quite figure out all the fees from the Recorder’s website. Here is what I’m understanding:

    Recording Fees
    $13 – Recording for the first page +$3 for each additional
    $10 – Real Estate Fraud fee
    $75 – Building Homes and Jobs act fee per parcel (so a single deed with two parcels… one fee or two?)

    Transfer Tax
    $0.55 per $500 of purchase price or tax value whatever is higher

    Can be sent with a single check to the Recorder’s office. Does that also include the transfer tax in the same check?
    Am I missing anything?

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Tim – They need the recording fee and the transfer tax. Typically you will use a Grant Deed in CA and the form has a place to enter the amount of the transfer tax. You can combine the fees on one check made out to the Kern county recorder. You should be able to get them on the phone to verify. Not sure why you can’t talk to them. (0.55 per $1000)

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    John Pitkin
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    A lot of counties will accept a NTE (Not to Exceed) check. Just write a check with the amount blank but write “NOT TO EXCEED $____” in the memo area. Let them figure out the exact amount due and they will write it in.

    Tim Watts
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    Finally received a response… Here is a list of the fees in case you are following or researching.

    Deed filing -> $13 for the first page $3 for each additional page
    Transfer tax -> $0.55 per $500 of the purchase price or tax appraised value (whichever is higher)
    Building Homes and Jobs Act fee -> $75 (I think it is per parcel with a max limit)
    Real Estate Fraud Fee -> $10

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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