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    Kent Johnson
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    I sent my first mailer in April and had a purchase agreement for my first deal pretty quickly. However it took until July to close the purchase. I listed on Craigslist and BrokerDirectMLS and had a buyer the next day from Craigslist. It took about 10 days to close the sale. I bought for $10K, sold for $24,900. After expenses I made about $13K. I’m beyond pleased with my first land deal.


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  • Nick Davis
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    Kent that’s awesome. I can’t wait till I get that first deal done. I’m currently stuck with analysis paralysis when picking counties. Hope you do many more deals in the future!


    Kevin Farrell
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    Kent – that is a perfect deal! This is also a great example of why you have to send out mail EVERY MONTH! You mailed offers in April and now it is mid August when you made the profit. 3 to 4 months is not that unusual for this business to get the returns. So if you want some profits in December, you should have mailed offers in August. If you stop mailing for some reason (as I have done before) it will take you a few months to fill the pipeline with deals.

    New people – read what I just wrote above again. You are sending your first mailer. If you close in title company to buy and sell, it will take you 3 to 4 months to collect on your first deal. Self closing goes much faster but it will still be about 2 months with marketing time. Don’t quit your job until you have the cash flow you need.

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    Marc Littmann
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    Congrats, Kent! Way to go! Would love to hear the details of the deal if you are willing to share.


    Marc Littmann
    Longmont, CO

    Brian L
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    Man. That is OUTSTANDING> I am almost to the point in LA where i can send out my first mailer. You give me motivation, and hope that I can do it and succeed. I need this!

    Do you have other stuff in the pipe, or what’s your work flow look like? Send more mailers or are there other deals in the works that you need to complete first?

    Great work!


    Steve Foster
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    You’ll always remember it! Congratulations.

    Shawn Swisher
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    Awesome Kent, congratulations!!

    "Buy land, they're not making it anymore." -Mark Twain
    Kent Johnson
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    Thank you guys for the encouraging words!

    Kevin – amen brother, I’ve seen the light! One thing I’m lacking is a rhythm but I will work on sending offers on a more regular basis to keep the deal funnel filled. @rotortech

    Brian – Yes, more deals in the works. The April mailer was about 400 offers and produced the one deal described above. I did a second mailer in June of 1500 offers which has so far produced two agreements, one I bought yesterday for $7K which should bring $15K-$20K, the other I will buy for $13K which should bring $20K. @brianleppard


    John C
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    Congrats!! I am working on my first deal also off my first mailer.

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    Great, keep good work

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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