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    Joe Martin
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    Greetings from Beer City, USA
    My name is Joe and I started investing in rental properties earlier this year. My business partner and I closed six multifamily deals since February, all of which are in NC. I recently learned about landacademy and signed up for the silver membership yesterday. After listening to the majority of the podcasts and hearing the testimonials, I’m beginning to think we’ve been wasting our time and money with apartments.

    Last week, after two years of misery, I finished my MBA in Finance program. We have a decent amount of capital saved up to get started on our land business. I hope to have our first target market nailed down by the beginning of next week. My goal is to scale this business large enough so I can leave my real job by the end of 2018! I know its an ambitious goal, but I feel it’s an achievable stretch. I love analyzing data, working deals, and drinking bourbon, but never in conjunction with one another.

    I look forward to our discussions in the forum.


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  • Rod Hall
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    Beer City? Milwaukee? Asheville is nice. I spent my early years near there. Welcome to Land Investors. You’ll do great.

    Joe Martin
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    Hi Rod, thanks for the warm welcome! Apparently Asheville decided to take the Beer City title away from Milwaukee. I’m sure it was self awarded.

    S. Jack Butala
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    Great question. We are answering this question on the podcast which will air on December 27, 2017

    Thanks for your participation.

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