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    I remember a while back there was a lot of talk about JillLive as a direct competitor to PATLive. I was just wondering what happened to that?

    As a followup I was wondering what/who you guys were using as an answering service for your mailers? I wanted to see if there were any resources I should consider. Thanks for your ideas and suggestions! 🙂

    I really appreciate this group and their willingness to share their expert advice.

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Shabado – I believe that Jill mentioned that our group now gets a discount from PatLive. All of the services from Jack and Jill are shown on the graphic on this page. Look on the right side and scroll down to where it says Land Academy Membership. Click on the graphic below, Log in as a Land Academy Member, click on TOOLS, then scroll down to the bottom to the link that says Pat Live (for Land Academy). That link takes you to Pat Live to sign up or start a free trial.

    I am not sure, but I believe that by using the link above you will automatically get the Land Academy discount. That would be easy to check by going to Pat Live by a Google search and see if you are presented with a different rate.

    I use a very similar service called Answer Connect that I have had for a couple of years. At the time the rates and service were similar to Pat Live. I have been very happy with them so I am not motivated to change to Pat Live.

    My advice: Get an answering service to screen the calls. It is the best move I made when getting started and I wished I had done it sooner.

    Good luck with everything.

    Jason Schurke
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    Do you have an answering service screen calls from both sellers and buyers, or just sellers responding to your mailers? I have been considering an answering service for some time, but I’m more hesitant to set up the answering service to answer calls from buyers that I’m trying to sell a property to.

    Any thoughts?

    Kevin Farrell
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    Jason – I have all seller calls responding to my letter offers going to the answering service. The buyers email or call me directly. Buyer calls are much lower volume and I believe it is very important that I answer and speak to them in person immediately. Time is the deal killer. Close the deal while they are still looking at the advertisement and talking on the phone.

    Marilyn Sevigny
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    Shabado – I recently signed up for PatLIVE and can confirm that if you use the link as Kevin described it will tag your sign-up as a Land Investors referral. However, the day I signed up I called PatLive just to confirm and there was a glitch during my sign-up and it did not apply the discount. I recommend after you sign up to call PatLive to confirm. On the basic plan it will save you $30 per month. Good Luck to you!

    Erin Spence
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    Thanks for posting about this, Marilyn! I’ll follow up with PatLive and make sure that doesn’t happen again.

    Travis Keller
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    @erin spence, I had this problem today too. Used the referal, but it signed me up at the full rate. Called patlive to fix it. I don’t believe I made a mistake since I never googled it or went to their site directly.

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