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    Kathleen Rebentisch
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    Is there anyone currently advertising on the sites (LandWatch, Lands of America and Land and Farm), and receiving a solid number of leads and sales? Anecdotally, it sounds like leads and sales have dropped since changes following the LandWatch acquisition. I know prices have risen significantly, but the question is whether or not a subscription is still worth it (signing now for a 12 month contract). Talking with the regional rep, I understand there is a new member promotion for the ‘universal’ Premium plan for the first year ($384 per month for up to 30 listings, vs. Standard plan list price $300 per month). Expensive, but are there enough leads and sales for a subscription to be of value? Is it more or less effective based on type, price and location of the property? I welcome your opinions!

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Kathleen – I use sites. I just took a quick look at my inbox. I have 50 incoming inquiries about land. 27 of them are from syndicated advertising sites. I pay $300 a month and I negotiated some extras with that. The price is negotiable with these people. I advertise properties for sale in CA, NM, WA, TX and IN. So I think the coverage is good. What changes is the buyers and their temperament.

    Look at it this way: At $300 per month, all I have to do is sell one property with a profit of $1500 and I have that covered and then some. You have to advertise and you need to make the most of all the channels you can get. I am also a big CraigsList user and I get nearly half of my leads from CL. You can skimp on software and phone service, etc but you can’t skimp on 3 things: Data / Mail / Advertising. Spend money on good data. Spend money and get your printing and mailing done the right way. Spend money on good advertising.

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    I want serious buyers that did thorough research and after that they want my land. I don’t want to deal with someone who just found my ad on landwatch and than changes his mind, because he saw something similar cheaper on Craigslist.
    If you’re serious buyer, you’re going to check all the chanels, the free ones included. That’s buyer I like. For me personally these Chanel’s are not worth the extra cost. You’ll have many extra monthly subscriptions that ad up to some serious monthly burn rate just to keep your business alive. Month after month after month after month. Little + little + little more + little + more. Every month. And they can sink a ship eventually. Do you want to run your bussiness like that?
    When I look at my monthly expenses I laugh and not sweat. And the land is still selling.

    Luke Smith
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    I’m with Milan on this one. I don’t want to rely on a system that does everything for me. Then when it changes like ebay did to Steve’s business I ‘m in trouble. I think the paid advertising is great to start and get going but they charge you for a year. How do you know how much land you will have next month or 6 months from now. Maybe its not land but MLS land. Get used to many places to sell land. I’m too reliant on but it keeps selling land. It builds trust. I want to add on Instagram but have not taken the time to do it yet. I got a plan just have to employ it. I think if you want to pay for advertising you should be studying Facebook. Justin D is spending like $50 a month and selling lots of land. Imagine how much half of the budget would sell on Facebook. You can get very specific on what you are advertising and to who on there. you are just asking for dreamers to come steal your time asking all kinds of questions. Imagine spending 5-10$ to sell a property on Facebook. When its sold there are no more bills or commitments. You can do lots of them or none next month you are in control. Some of those people might start following you for future deals too. Good luck making that jump with the shoppers. Ask them for their email and see how far that gets you. That is old school working less and less with time. Get your face, voice, image, brand out there and earn their trust on social media. You will land more deals and answer less questions.

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