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    I’m researching a state for my mailer and came across an article about projected population changes
    from now until 2050. If a county is losing people, both now and in the long term, would that be a good indicator that properties can be bought cheaper than those that are seeing an increase?

    And if so, would the decline in population make the sale of those properties more difficult? The counties would become more secluded, which I can see as a benefit to those wanting to get away from the city life.

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    You can change that better than anyone! Get some land an promote the heck out of it. RV OK or Mobile Home OK or great hunting! Lots of Road Kill to fertilize your garden or whatever you can come up with that is good about that place.

    Study it and get to know its market better then anyone.

    Re-gentrify it.

    Schools are 5 kids to each teacher! Use to use that sales pitch in Detroit then the schools shut down(oops). Same in Montello Elko County NV(double oops).

    Find the good stuff. Use the internet to sell it. I am sure there is a market there where people are compelled to buy and on reverse sell too. You just got to find the prices that it works at.

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    Great ideas, thanks Luke. I started by making a list of all the counties in the state and made note if they’re increasing or decreasing in population. I then filtered the list down to just counties that have access to a major highway (easy access back to civilization). Once I removed the ones with higher population densities, I was left with 32, 12 of which are seeing an increase in population. I’ll use this weekend to go thru the list of the 12, maybe all 32 counties and figure out which have the best attributes such as number of employers, schools, like state/national parks etc.

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