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    John Pitkin
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    Other than tax delinquency, what other clues might indicate that an owner does not want their property?

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  • George Dean
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    This was not addressed in the training very well – unless I missed it.

    We were told we could find “unwanted land”. However, there really isn’t a filter (other than tax delinquency – which we do no mail specifically for). Apparently, the ‘system’ is to mail EVERYONE with the expectation/hope to have the “unwanted” land owners contact us.

    I think the beauty of this approach is…. the other land guru’s recommend only mailing ‘tax delinquency” properties THUS the NON-tax delinquency properties are not mailed as much.


    Mike O’Meara
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    That’s a good point. Plus, I’m sure the non tax delinquent owners are the ones that save the letter in case they decide to sell in the future. I’m looking at these mail outs as investments for future sellers.

    Luke Smith
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    I think the response from the delinquent tax guys is like talking to the people who just always have problems. The others actually get back to you and answer the phone. They are there when the notary is set to arrive. They actually have a photo ID ready. They sign their name and title not just a name I need to add a title on to. Best of all their taxes are paid up for me. Saves the hassle and the money.

    You can have the delinquent tax people, they are usually dead or never updated their address anyway.

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    The only other helpful indicators I can think of are out of town owners, they have owned it for a long time, inherited it ($100 quit claims), no mortgage.

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