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    My Dream was to be a “Full-Time” Real Estate Investor since I was 18 years old. I bought my first rental property when I was 23. I bought a few more over the next few years. I was over-leveraged and making no money for 6 years. I lost everything in the great recession. I started from scratch and bought a 4-plex, rehabbed it and rented it out. I continued to buy 2-3 properties a year after that. I went through all the headaches of a landlord. I had to evict tenants, deal with major repairs and all that good stuff. But I will finally able to achieve my Big Time Goal of a “Full Time Real Estate Investor” at the end of 2016! I am still landlording full-time but I came across Land Academy about 2 years ago. I was listening to the Podcast and knew it was a more efficient business model. I bought my first parcel off Luke Smith and sold it a few months later. I did it one more time. Now I joined Land Academy so I can learn the process of mailing for deals and getting deals cheap. I know it is a lot of work but I think learning this skill is totally worth it!

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    Ben, Welcome to You have already proven that you can work hard so get in here and buy some land with us. Good luck on your land business.

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