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    Tanner Hendricks
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    Morning Everyone,

    Im interested in hearing some thoughts and opinions on how to gain good credibility as a New Investor. I understand the importance of having a professional online presence to begin with, but how am I able to boost my credibility beyond that? Land Academy in its self is an incredibly credible source so is it acceptable to say that I am a member of this group so that a seller or buyer may be able to reference that as well? Would love to hear thoughts around this.
    Appreciate it!

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  • Rod Hall
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    Hello Tanner. I didn’t have a website until after maybe half a dozen deals. I fumbled on the phone with sellers and with buyers. I said dumb things and did dumb things. I used valuable emotional energy getting angry or elated. My transaction methods swung wildly. Sometimes way to cautious and sometime too risky. Eventually I began to feel comfortable with my OWN level of credibility. And it’s a relative term anyway, right? I heard someone talk about brand once. They said your brand is you and your dedication to be fair and honest. What more could a buyer or seller ask for? What more can we ask of ourselves? Wow, so philosophical of me today. Best of luck. And as my dear mother-in-law used to say, “go get ’em kid”

    Kevin Farrell
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    Hi Tanner – I have the website and email etc because they are tools to get the job done. I try to make the best impression possible with those tools. What really matters is how I come across to my buyers and sellers. Just a few minutes on the phone to let them know I am a real person and that I will deal with them honestly and fairly. I back this up with returned emails and text messages. When I am buying or selling I try to make some connection with the person that I am dealing with.

    As Rod said, you have to get comfortable with yourself and you will be able to give a good, honest delivery when buying and selling. You know you are getting it when buyer or seller begins telling you about their life or their plans, etc. Let ’em talk. They are hearing what they want to hear. They trust you.

    Kevin Deal/Data Review

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    I agree with Rod and Kevin. It can actually work in your fawor that you don’t have a website and you don’t look like an institution. You’re just an owner of the property that you’re trying to sell for cheap. What’s wrong with that? Nothing at all. If you look like an institution, people know you’re making money on this land. If you look like a little person with land for great price, they think “let’s buy it from this poor fella ASAP before he finds out what the real value is.”

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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