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    Hey everyone, it looks like LandWatch won’t be sharing their information with Zillow any longer and I’ve actually got a bunch of leads from Zillow recently. Is anyone else aware of a platform that will share the listing on Zillow, or will you have to create your own listing on Zillow. I’d prefer to do as few listings as possible.

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Matt – I post on Zillow directly. They have a weird verification system where they call and give you the address and ask you for a couple of other facts from your listing. If you are not sitting in front of the computer, you can’t pass this test. A bit of a pain but I get leads from Zillow on cheaper stuff.

    Marilyn Sevigny
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    I sold my first purchase through Zillow. They did exactly what Kevin said earlier. Be ready for Zillow’scall and you better have all the facts right. My property did not have an address so I used cross streets and 00 as the house number. It worked fine. The other thing I did is listed as FSBO. Technically, I’m the owner so it seemed logical. Interested parties used the contact form on the site and it worked for me!

    Peter Toth
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    For folks using Zillow… Are you just putting in the discounted cash price? Or are you also putting “available on terms at $XXX per month and owner willing to finance”?

    What seems to work best?

    Luke Smith
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    I get more complaints from Zillow listings. They pick the wrong address I fix it and it reverts too. Sometimes they have house pics from old listings of the neighbor.

    One complaint was the New Mexico state government about an ad saying I’m selling someone else’s land. I told them the truth and eventually set them straight but it’s all from Zillow weird misleading ads pointing to the wrong places.

    I’m sure I have sold land from there but not any I can really remember.

    YouTube sells better than Zillow for me.

    Neil Palmquist
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    Thought everyone might be amused by my recent “Post to Zillow” headaches.

    My first post went through without much issue (except I used the wrong ZIP, but that’s my negligence.). I had to go through all the same Call Verification rig amoral that everyone must suffer, but when I went to post a second listing, it just wouldn’t let me. It kept bouncing me back to the start.

    I checked out some forums online and it seems Real Estate Agents can no longer post their listings individually. (I am not an agent and don’t claim or wish to be one.) I phoned with my issue, but pretty much was told to just try again later. So, I did!

    This time my listing was rejected because they say my price is “too low”. ($1500 for 2.5 acres, MV about $3K)

    I think the old “he/she that doesn’t control the network, is controlled by the network” shows right here. Ho hum… Time to start on my YouTube.

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    Had a similar problem, Neil. I posted my property on Zillow and accidentally entered the wrong zip. I realized this shortly after and corrected it. Now my property is showing as listed with a local real estate agent at a much higher listing price than I am selling it for. My property description was completely taken off left blank. The only thing that remains are the pictures I originally uploaded. I have absolutely no way of editing it as it says the listing came from a local MLS feed. Waiting for a response back from Zillow on how to correct the issue. How does something like this even happen? Beyond me

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