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    Blake Jones
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    Hi everyone. I’m close to hiring someone to answer the phone for my buying website. Can anyone who is doing this share what you’re paying and how you’re structuring it? I’m hiring an American that is stateside. Thanks,


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  • Kevin Farrell
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    I use an answering service like PatLive with american people who answer the phone.

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    Neil H
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    Blake — I can’t imagine it’s possible to hire anyone that will be more efficient and less expensive than PatLive. They offer 24/7 live coverage from the States. I spend about $130/month — and whenever I spend more than that, it simply means I’ve been sending more mail and buying more properties.

    Blake Jones
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    Sorry y’all I miswrote. This is for my SELLING website (using PatLive for my buying website). Do y’all have someone answering the phones?

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