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    Chris C
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    Good morning!

    Last Friday I posted a few “Cash for Land” posts on Craigslist.
    Got a few responses (woohoo!!)

    One of the responses came from a man and his twin brother who own 32 acres.
    I did a little bit of homework and looked at comparables.
    The taxes are current (this is coming from the owner, and I confirmed with the County).

    I am writing to ask if you would be willing to run a quick comparable valuation, so I can see how close or far my valuation is to yours.

    What would you offer?
    What would you turn around and sell it for?

    It’s 32 acres in San Juan County, NM.
    The owner thinks it is worth $160,000

    Thank you thank you!
    See you all on the Weekly Ambition Call!

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  • Luke Smith
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    Sweet you got a reply, you are now into the land business. You ever watch the pawn shop shows? How much would they offer? Jill would probably offer half of that.

    What can you sell it for? Offer a so much less you don’t think they will accept it but you will be sure you can profit from it.

    Chris C
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    Thanks Luke!

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    I think the guy is way off. Mostly we are making offers for between 100-200 dollars per acre. In case there is something I don’t know, it seems like a retail deal the seller is trying to sell.

    Chris C
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    Thanks @chris!

    I have been posting Cash for Land on Craigslist. Most responders want retail or near retail price. Have not yet found a winner, but I will 😉

    Thanks for all your feedback guys!

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