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    Carl Hammill
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    Can more than one land investor operate in same county? Spent 10 hrs yesterday analyzing sold vacant land properties in TX, CO & FL for past 2 years. Clearly data tells me other land investors are operating and doing well in certain counties. The big question is….is there room for 1 more? I would assume the land owners are getting hammered with offers. Thoughts?

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  • Milan
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    Stop analyzing Carl and fire a mailer

    Chuck Lidtka
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    It’s best to run with an “abundance mentality” vs. one of scarcity. There’s more than plenty for everyone. And a sellers circumstances will change with time. Another quote I really like is “success leaves clues” such as where others succeed…there’s a proven market and established comps to boot.

    I agree with Milan….so here’s a valuable one….”When in doubt, Get the mail out!”

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    Several sellers I bought land from have told me they have received many offers similar to mine in the past. They weren’t ready to sell at the time they received those offers but decided to when mine came in. This was pretty encouraging. I have experienced similar situations when wholesaling houses. The market I was in was getting bombarded by these letters and I still got deals.

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