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    There was a county/state I was looking at for a future mailing and I called the assessors office about getting a list. She told me it was $100 but not a problem. She also mentioned the county next door charges $800 for a list. WOW. We started chatting a bit and she told me how a lot of the counties are all using the same database company to manage their data. hhhmmmmm I thought. I asked her since they were all using the same database company/format, would there be a way to get data from multiple counties at the same time?

    She says, “Not unless you want the entire tax rolls.” As a matter fact I would like the entire tax rolls 🙂 She informed me that all the counties send their data to a centralized state government branch for statistical purposes multiple times a year and that if I wanted, I could download the entire tax roll of a county at once and just filter it out to my liking. CHA-CHING!

    Now it’s all just kind of in code, because it’s just a spreadsheet with numbers, names and addresses. It took some time to read up on the coding system to be able to filter it out but I’m excited to have updated information like this!

    So just an idea when you talk to your counties assessors office.

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    where do you find that? is it a few states are doing it or is everybody doing it ?

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    Hey, Patrick. I have some old county data you are welcome to take for free so you can see how what its like to work with.

    In any case, you can contact any county and request assessor’s data. Some have a published program on their website that allows you to purchase the data for $50-$100. Some will give it away completely although I don’t see that too often any longer and most will not respond at all.

    The real cost of free data directly from the county is that it’s making decisions for you instead of the other way around. For example, if you decide that a county in Texas is a great place to purchase and sell property but that county does not provide the data or provides it in a format that is incomplete or difficult to manage (or requires a PhD), this is now costing you money.

    I’m a self described data junkie and I’ve been flipping property since the ’90s. There is no better tool than RealQuest Pro and no other way to get it cheaper and with more support than SuccessPlant.

    I wish you the best and let me know if you have questions.

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