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    I have two adjoining parcels that I just bought and one has great access through a county maintained road. The other one does not have access. I would like to create a legal easement on my property to give access to the other property that does not have access. This way I can sell them separate and give access to both properties.

    Is this something I can do on my own? Or do I need to hire an attorney? How much should this cost?

    Is it as easy as recording an easement with the county and just stating that there is now an easement on the East side of the property?

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    Brandon – I haven’t done it myself but I know a guy who knows a guy . . . Just kidding. Call the county. In some cases they just need you to write it on the deed other places will need special paperwork filed, etc. Also, tell us what county and then maybe someone smarter than me will reply.

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