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    and what’s the worst that can happen if you buy it and then something pops up in the chain?

    I’ve snagged a few nice properties in New Mexico and they were about as clean of a title as I could want. Now I’ve got 2 more that are great deals, but I’m a little uncertain what the status quo is on confirming chain of title.

    On the first property, the county says they only have the latest deed on record, and it’s from 2001. Not sure why they wouldn’t have past deeds. But eh, a little odd perhaps?

    On the second property, the county says they transferred older deeds to a new computer and the photocopy of
    documents for this property, including the deed, aren’t showing up on their computer. The seller may have the deed. Seems it’s an older property though.

    Curious to hear how far you guys dig back, and what you’d consider a reasonable amount of uncertainty on some of these properties.

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    Andy – 20 or 30 years is reassuring. The smaller the property the less risk in terms of dollars. It seems odd that the county can’t or won’t get the previous deed for you. This may be due to lack of personel in the office at this time. Call them and ask about that. Any title company would have to go to the county for the deeds going back as far as they would need.

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