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    Luke Smith
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    Replying to comments on YouTube doubles the number of comments and raises the level of engagement. The more engagement the more the videos are shown on YouTube. The more they are shown the more people see them. The more people see them the more land I sell so replying to this is not about the commenter it’s about getting others to buy. What would you say to a comment like this?

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  • Jason L.
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    Nanu, Nanu. Or Spock made me do it! Or, Hey its mothership rules on Youtube!

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    Nice! That’s an idea for land use right there.

    YouTube likes content and you have never ending content with land bussiness right there. You can do 100s videos for 1 piece of land all different. And than you can do another 100s of them just passionately talking about the one you sold and what is the person doing with it. Content, content, content. Fire, fire, fire. I like it a lot!

    Neil H
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    I would respond “It’s spelled ‘you’re’ not ‘your’.” (Which would be lame.)

    I think you either ignore it or simply use it as a means to promote your channel and website without directly addressing the comment: “Thank you for your interest. Stop back weekly for a chance to win a free piece of land. Check the show notes for more information.”

    Jason Cochard
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    I would give them a link to Marko Rodin’s Vortex Based Mathematics. It’s really just a way of doing mod-9 arithmetic but he goes into all aspects of life and goes on for HOURS.

    You can explain, the more land you sell, the more you time you have to work on your Rodin coil and finish the “flux thrustor atom pulsor reactionless drive” engine so you can get home to the reptilian home planet. If you are successful, the byproduct of you leaving Earth is that Earth will also become blessed with limitless free energy. They are clearly mistaken about the reptilians — they just want to get back home.

    Marilyn Sevigny
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    That’s hilarious!

    Chuck Lidtka
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    Reptilians are our friends. They were here before we were and we owe them a lot. The very least we could do is offer up a few free-loading land seekers looking for free land. Hey, plus its win-win-win for everyone. The reptilians are happy, the free-loading land seeker is happy….for a while. Plus I could keep giving away the same piece of land.

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