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    Might be purchasing my first property soon and I’ll want good pictures taken. I don’t want to pay before I’ve seen them, and I’m sure the photographer doesn’t want to release them without payment. How do you handle this?

    Do you have any contract to officially release the rights to you?

    What do you ask of the photographer when it comes to taking pictures?

    I’m thinking high noon when there’s no clouds in the sky, a picture from across the street, one facing N, S, E, and W, and a bird’s eye view from a drone. Along with a 360 drone video.

    What would you expect to pay for all of this?

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    I pay when I get the pictures PayPal.i tell them what kinds of shots same as you describe. The I make is a matter of trust. I ask for a few samples of their work. I also want them to be skilled geotaggers. I just want good pictures not fine art photography. That’s one way of finding the right fit for the job. I look at their samples. No contracts. Tip. Try to find someone who really knows the area. When I see the shots I pay immeatetly usually with a bonus to help build the relationship. As far as cost you will just need to do shopping. Like anything else it’s different for the job. Work it out with the person you like best. Adjust according to your budget and margin in the property. – best and congrats on your first investment.

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    The best time of day to take good landscape photos is a couple of hours after sunrise or a couple of hours before sunset. It is much better when the sun is lower in the sky. Because the sun is low in the sky, shadows are softer, the colors are much more warm and saturated. I always ask my photographers to take pictures as close as possible during these times which has produced good results.

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    Marcus – I have found that in CA the biggest factor is travel. The counties are very large. I have a Northern CA guy and a Southern CA guy. In other states when I have 5 or 6 properties in a group I can get the job done for $100 per property. I have been buying larger properties that are all over the state in CA. When I need pics I usually only have one or two. I am paying about $300 per property which includes over an hour of travel time each way for the photographer. Always ask for drone pics and videos.

    Some photographers use proofs and watermarks so that you can review images before pay. Most that I have worked with just drop them into my dropbox shared folder and send me an invoice on PayPal or other means. I pay them right away.

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