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    Does anyone have a posting script they use for hiring a photographer?

    Would you be willing to share?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Thomas Hybki
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    “Rural Photographer needed”

    Got some extra time on your hands? Willing to take a drive to the middle of no where?

    I own some land near (insert location here) – roughly X miles away from (major or noted city) and I am needing some photos of it in order to get it sold.

    Photographer I hire must have:

    – Ability to take photos which capture the details of the land.
    – decent camera (or smart phone with 8MP camera or greater with wide angle attachment)
    – experience preferred (send samples when responding) but not required.
    – reliable vehicle to get to location.

    I need 5-10 pictures capturing larger parts of the property and another 5-10 getting unique features of the lot (close to a river, nearby mountain or other details)

    Editing not a huge requirement provided they look decent.

    Job pays $X.XX for a short period of time and a chance to go somewhere new.

    Contact me if interested.

    John Doe


    That’s one I just put together. Give it a try and let me know how it works.

    Thomas Hybki

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    Awesome thanks

    K Turner
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    Here is a Craigslist ad I’ve used with success, so far:

    Ad Headline: Easy gig- need photos of vacant lot near Los Lunas, NM

    Ad Copy:
    “”Need a photographer (of any experience level) in the area to QUICKLY take good, clean digital photos of a parcel of land, [ENTER LOCATION]. Must have smart phone to complete this gig.

    Would need 10 photos each direction on/of the vacant lot/parcel – photos facing North, South, West & East.

    Driving directions to this specific vacant lot and specific instructions/details including how to use smart phone, payment arrangements, can be provided upon inquiry. This gig pays a generous $XX for what should take 5 minutes or less of actual photography work.

    This is a great gig to pick up quick cash, especially If already you live in this area, or will be traveling to this area anyway for business.”

    Kahlil Turner

    K Turner
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    But something else I learned from another land flipper was to require these photographers to have a smart phone and download the free app ‘”what three words.”

    You give them the GPS coordinates of the location and the app gives them unique word combinations unique only to that GPS location, which they can text or email out of the app when they are at the location.

    This way you can get verification they were actually at your parcel, and you are not as likely to get scammed by someone taking photos of some random parcel that is not your land.

    Kahlil Turner

    Jill DeWit
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    That’s an awesome use of “What Three Words” Kahlil! We LOVE that app, but we’ve been struggling to find more uses for it in the business.

    One other problem we’ve run into is how we have to explain it to new users, but it doesn’t seem like the learning curve is too difficult.

    Ryan Lake
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    I am trying to figure out how this is helpful and how to implement this.
    Once you give anyone the GPS coordinates they could simply look them up on the what 3 words site or app and send in the words whether they have visited the site or not.
    Is there a way to ensure that they can’t see the words, or a phrase that you set, until they are in a certain parameter of the GPS coordinates? or is the 3 words service unfamiliar enough to most people that they believe that they can’t see the words until they are on the site?
    I am probably overthinking this.
    Ultimately I would like a service that will show a catch phrase to someone once they are within 100 ft radius or so of any GPS coordinate.

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