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    Kelly Johnson
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    My name is Kelly Johnson and I recently joined Land Academy at the beginning of this month. I am 30 years old and I am a local retail pharmacist by trade, however, I want to dive into land investing because I have always loved land and the outdoors. Also, my husband and I work very long hours with little vacation time, so we desperately desire to eventually run our own business and stop “breaking our backs” to make corporation owners rich.

    I made the mistake of first trying to send out neutral postcards last month while I was following the advice of other land investing individuals and it has been a nightmare trying to stay organized and call people back and negotiate pricing.

    Since I joined, I have watched all of the training videos, and I just sent out my first blind offer mailer! I am excited and anxious to see what the results from this mailer will be. If anyone has any words of wisdom, I would be forever grateful to hear y’all’s experiences of your first mailing campaign!

    I am so happy and blessed to be a part of such an amazing group as Land Academy!

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Hello Kelly – Welcome to land investing. You are on your way by getting the mail out. Good luck to you.

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    Matthew McIntear
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    Hi Kelly I am from SC too. We can now say we are neighbors to Roots and Refuge farm YouTube.

    I am new to watching Land Academy. I wonder if I am the first disabled member here. I want to change to a pro joined member but right now I consume as much of the podcast as I can while going through list trying to price fair all day.

    The hardest part has been finding my price with the red yellow green test when owners are putting all kinds of prices for their properties. I haven’t yet taken the courses so I don’t know about fully targeting 1 to 5 acres only yet and how but I do know this is land home.

    So if you have followed all the steps you were shown you have nothing to worry about. Be calm, be patient, and be ready to do more research for your next mailer. You have done all the research you can for this mailer that’s already out so be ready for when calls come to resort back to your research to see if it’s still a good price. However until that comes you can already prepare for your next mailer research.

    One thing that also may help is something I was thinking about from a podcast episode about Mailer when the question of the day was from a woman who was fearful to renegotiate her price because the one who said yes property did not meet the researches standard. Its never a good time for anxiety in a service business with people because that could easily transfer.

    We are huams that when communicating seek to be relatable and relate on some level so showing anxiety about one thing could totally trigger that in someone about other things because we all could have completely different current problems we’re working on.

    So my advice is to just be ready girl to serve and listen for ways to be of help according to your data.

    You have done great jumping in so fast and getting started. You clearly got this and we are rooting for you. Want to read your testimony in that section. ☝💘🎤

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    Hello guys! I’m glad to join your community 🙂

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