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    I’ve been using another system for awhile where I just sent out a generic letter for interest. Would like some advice on doing comps for sending out offers. Where are the best places to find the comps and how many should I be getting before sending offers. Thanks

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    Don – I normally use LandWatch. I look at land only, then filter on property size. For example, when looking for 5 acre parcels I will enter 4 to 6 acres. Then I sort them from low to high price. I throw out the obvious low (wholesale) ones and choose the lowest market priced parcel as my comp.

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    Thanks Kevin, I did that for this county, and in my search it seems that every listed property has an asking price that is at least twice what the assessor sets for the value. They are supposed to be set at market rates, and in the last 2 years they have increased the assessed value by at least 20% across the board. So, I guess I can’t go wrong at an offer of 25% of what is listed. Don

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