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    Ellen Britt
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    Hey y’all…I’m a Southern country gal at heart but have also lived in upstate NY, Maine and Indiana. Most of my career was spent in medicine as a PA (Physician Assistant) in Emergency Medicine. I just joined today and am working my way through the course. From what I can see, I will be putting the people skills I developed from my years in medicine to talk with sellers and buyers. I can also see many similarities between the systematic thought process I used to tease out a medical diagnosis and the process you go through to identify a market and work your way through the six steps.

    I am looking forward to being an active member here in the forum, as I can already see its value.

    Currently getting business phone, permanent business address, business name and social media profiles set up.

    My main hesitation in joining (and the major objection when I discussed with family members) was lack of capital. But I can see now that with a little ingenuity and creativity (which I think I have loads of), this won’t be an obstacle for me. Glad to be here!

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    I know s surgeon who does this. How he finds the time is beyond me but he just likes land investin, hope you do too.

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