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    Mike Ferreira
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    The good news is that I am having some great success at selling lots. I sold 9 last month and then another 8 this week alone! I have 2 more that should be a done deal within a few days.
    I am basically buying cheap, doubling or tripling my price, then selling on terms using Contract For Deeds and getting 15.99% interest in addition to collecting a $200 document fee.
    My problem is that I am so busy with this (and other projects) that 1) I havent had time to finish the Land Academy program yet (so please forgive me if this question is answered in there). and 2) I have no organized way to keep track of everything. I have a ridiculous sea of sticky notes and scrap paper all over my office, along with piles of contracts and purchase and sale agreements. I can’t even let anyone in my office anymore because I am afraid they will accidentally mix up a pile.

    I need to find a good CRM of some sort that isn’t so complicated that I will never have time to set it up properly. I need some way to keep track of all the seller leads and buyer leads and have all their info in one place I can access from anywhere. I need a good system for keeping all the information on my parcels organized as well… preferably within the same system.

    I am hoping nobody suggests Excel… I cringe when I look at Excel. But, if there is some simple way to use it, I guess it’s better than the total cluster I have going on now. I just do not know anything about it or how to set it up or use it without accidentally breaking something. I’m not a dimwit when it comes to computers, but there is just something about Excel that I have a problem with.

    Please save me before you see me on an episode of Hoarders.


    Mike Ferreira
    Lotvestors LLC

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  • Barry
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    I have to keep track of receipts, images, passwords, P&L’s, expense logs, maps, etc. for several small businesses now and Google’s free cloud products have made all of this easier for me. It’s called Google Drive. Free storage up to 30GB.

    Google makes it easy to drag and drop image files or even auto download photos directly from my phone to the cloud. Docs, spreadsheets and maps are saved automatically every time single letter is changed.

    For receipts, you can scan or use a smartphone app to scan them to the G Drive. I trash all receipts once they’re in the cloud.

    Instead of sticky notes, I use another free Google product called Google Keep…very user friendly for multi-colored notes & lists…again all in the cloud. Using Google Chrome makes it easy to access all this info from my PC, laptop or phone.

    Google sheets is easy for contacts, but I’m going to be looking into a free cloud-based app called Insightly.

    My goal this year is to have completely paper free businesses.

    Hope this helps.


    Chris C
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    Hi Mike! Sounds like with your booming production you would benefit from an administrative assistant that is organized and good with Excel, technology, Internet, etc.

    John Pitkin
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    I suggest taking a look at Podio. I use it for keeping track of properties, owners, leads, etc. and it can easily be customized to fit almost any need.

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    I second the comment about Podio. I’ve been slowing building out a system for my workflow within Podio. Everything from tracking aquisition of properties to keeping track of inventory and sales.

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