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    Sam Crego
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    Hello everyone. I’ve been paying attention on YouTube for about a year and decided timing was right to jump in – finally. I’m looking forward to the process and hopefully someday I can be of help to others if ever needed. I’ve done RE investing full time for 15 years but on residential side mainly. I owned a manufactured home subdivision for 14 years but sold it 3 years ago. I’m remodeling a small apt complex now and doing a couple SF flips. Looking for some wholesale and Sub2 deals but land intrigues me so here I am. I own 55 acres right next to state forest where I grew up in NY but this seems like a great way to be anywhere physically and hopefully financially. Just noticed I used “I” a lot, lol. Thanks.

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Hi Sam – Welcome! It sounds like you will be up and running very quickly. This is simple compared to the other things that you know how to do already.

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    Luke Mitchell
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    Hey Sam, good to see you here buddy!

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